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 solar charger-inverter

solar charger-inverter

SR-HF 48V/3KW/120Vac /SR-HF 48V/3KW/230Vac

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◆ It applies all-digital voltage and current double closed-loop control and advanced SPWM technology, available in two output modes i.e. pure sine wave output, and Utility bypass, and inverter output, thereby providing uninterrupted power supply.

◆  Four charging modes are optional, i.e. Solar Only, Utility Priority, Solar Priority and Utility & Solar charging. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology ensures a tracking efficiency not less than 99.5%.

◆ The LCD with an easy-to-understand operation interface presents a dynamic display of system operating data and working status. 3 LED indicators indicate working status of the system at all time.

◆ The ON/OFF rocker switch button allows for an independent control of AC output, reducing unnecessary losses, without affecting battery charging by PV or utility power.

◆  Intelligent speed variable fan control maximizes fan life while addressing the internal heat dissipation of the machine.

◆  PV can activate the lithium battery, and additionally, the Utility supply can activate the auxiliary power supply of the machine to ensure that the Utility can charge the battery in time under the condition of battery under voltage loss. When only PV is connected with no battery input, the maximum load can be half of the rated power.

◆  Improve protections for all kinds of abnormal conditions to ensure that the machine will not be damaged due to improper wiring and loading.

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