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 10A Lithium Battery Controller

10A Lithium Battery Controller

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1. Dedicated controller for lithium batteries, applicable to ternary-material lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide and other types of lithium batteries.

2. Features a unique lithium battery auto-activation function.

3. A wireless remote control function allows an adjustable remote control distance of 0.3 to 20m, with the signal able to penetrate plastic or aluminum shells. (DH60A-LI-W)

4. Adopts a highly efficient constant-voltage and limited-current mode for lithium battery charging.

5. Boasts a high-temperature protection function. When the temperature rises above the set value, the charging and discharging circuits will be cut off so as to protect the lithium battery.

6. Also features a low-temperature charging protection function. When the temperature drops below the set value, the charging circuit will be cut off so as to avoid irreversible inner short circuit damage to the lithium battery.

8. Boasts an operating duration adjustment precision of 1 minute and a load power adjustment precision of 1%.

9. An all-new intelligent power algorithm provides 3 optional intelligent power levels. The user can adjust the energy-saving level for the load based on battery voltage platform characteristics and the energy management method to realize an optimized balance between load brightness and operating duration.

10. Digital and high-precision constant-current control boasts an efficiency of up to 96%, and the current adjustment precision reaches 10mA.

11. Features a system status log function, able to record a maximum of 7 days of system status, comprehensively and effectively monitoring the system's conditions.

12. An IP68 grade waterproof aluminum shell guarantees excellent heat dissipation and superb security.

13. A range of protection measures such as battery reverse-connection protection, LED short-circuit and open-circuit protection, etc., put the system under comprehensive and constant guard.

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