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Solar Power System Solution for Ships

Application Scope:

The solar power system solution for ships is mainly applied to the power supply system of ships. Main components of the system include photovoltaic module, solar charge and discharge controller, battery and load. It is the latest solution for power supply of ships by solar charging, reducing marine pollution and solving the problem of emergency power.

Schematic Diagrams of the Solution:

Features of solar controller:

◆  It boasts advanced dual peak or multi-peak tracking technology. When the solar panels are shadowed or some of them are damaged, the I-V curve will show multiple peaks, while the controller can still accurately track the maximum power point.

◆  A built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm can significantly increase energy utilization efficiency of the photovoltaic system, which is about 15% to 20% higher than traditional PWM charging.

◆  Combination of multiple tracking algorithms enables accurate tracking of the best operating point of the I-V curve in a very short period of time

◆  MPPT tracking efficiency is up to 99.9%.

◆  Due to an advanced digital power technology, the circuit energy conversion efficiency is as high as 98%.

◆  Support charging procedures of various types of batteries such as colloidal battery, sealed battery, vented battery, lithium battery, etc. ①

◆  A current-limited charging mode is available. When the power of solar panel is too large and the charging current is higher than the rated valve, the controller automatically reduces the charging power so that the solar panel can operate at the rated charging current.

◆  Allow capacitive loads to start at high instantaneous current.

◆  Support automatic identification of battery voltage.

◆  With fault LED indication, buzzer alarm and LCD display of abnormal information, it facilitates the user to determine system faults.

◆  Support storage of historical data for up to 5 years.

◆  LCD display function allows users to view the device operating data and status, as well as to change parameters of the controller.

◆  Support standard Modbus protocol and meet communication needs in different occasions.

◆  Built-in over-temperature protection mechanism ensures that when temperature exceeds the set value of the device, the charging current decreases linearly with the temperature, thereby reducing the temperature rise of controller and avoiding high temperature damage.

◆  An external battery voltage sampling feature makes battery sampling free from the impact of line loss, so that control parameters are more accurate.

◆  Temperature compensation and automatic adjustment of charge and discharge parameters help to improve battery life.

◆  TVS lightning protection.

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