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Off-grid Solar Power System Solution

Application Scope:

The off-grid solar power system uses a photovoltaic module to collect and process electric energy and store it in a battery pack, and as needed, the electric energy is taken from the battery pack. It is mainly used for remote rural areas, pastoral areas, islands, deserts, and border posts that are difficult to be covered by the public power grid to need basic living electricity needs for lighting, television, and broadcasting, as well as communication base stations, highway monitoring systems, weather stations, and other fields.

Schematic Diagrams of the Solution:

Features of the solution:

1. It is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources and the advantages of building roof can be used. It can supply electricity nearby, without long-distance transmission, avoiding loss of long-distance transmission line;

2. Solar energy is inexhaustible and the operating cost of solar system is quite low. Solar power system is safe and reliable, and will not suffer from the impact by energy crisis or fuel market instability;

3. With no moving parts, the solar power system is not easy to damage, while easy to maintain, especially suitable for use under unattended conditions. And construction period of the solution is short and time spent in taking solar energy is short;

4. Solar power will not produce any waste, with no pollution, noise and other public hazards, and no adverse impact on the environment. It is an ideal clean energy.

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