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Solar Street Light Remote Monitoring System Solution

Application Scope:

The solar street light remote monitoring system solution is widely used for lighting of urban and rural roads, highways, dikes, bridges, parks and scenic areas, industrial areas, city squares, etc. Main components of the system include photovoltaic module, MPPT remote controller, 433M wireless module, concentrator, 433M antenna, GPRS antenna, mobile SIM card, battery and LED light. It is a new solution that applies an efficient MPPT charging method and Internet monitoring of system data to solve outdoor lighting problems. MPPT tracking efficiency is up to 99.9%, significantly improving the energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic system, which is about 15% to 20% higher than traditional PWM charging and solves energy waste problem due to insufficient charging efficiency. System data is wirelessly transmitted by 433M and GPRS antennas. An internet monitoring system is used to query historical reports. The problem of high maintenance cost of street lighting systems is solved.

Solution Topology:

Wiring diagram of the solution:

Features of solar controller:

◆  With true MPPT function, it is suitable for different number of monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon or amorphous silicon solar panels connected in series, which can significantly increase the energy utilization efficiency of solar panels.

◆  Wireless communication function enables remote and real-time monitoring of street lights through intelligent solar street light management system and wireless modules.

◆  Support remote lighting up and off/dimming and battery, load parameters modification.

◆  Provide real-time monitoring of solar panel voltage, current, power, battery charge and discharge current, voltage, load working status, controller working status, etc. as well as automatic fault alarm.

◆  Support use of 12V and 24V lead-acid battery and lithium battery, and the user can set lead-acid battery working mode or lithium battery working mode by themselves.

◆  The charge and discharge management mode specially designed for lithium battery is applicable to 3~8 strings of ternary lithium, lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

◆  Multi-peak MPPT technology, suitable for the conditions where the solar panels are shadowed or some of them are damaged, with a tracking efficiency over 99%.

◆  Built-in boost LED constant current driver can directly drive up to 18 LEDs in series.

◆  Four-period dimming design (including predawn lighting hours)

◆  Infrared remote control is available to set parameters, read parameters and controller running historical data

◆  Automatically identify day/night

◆  Quite low sleep loss of 0.06W

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