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Integrated Solar Street Light System with Infrared Sensing solution

Application Scope:

The integrated solar street light system with infrared sensing solution is widely used for lighting of urban and rural roads, highways, dikes, bridges, parks and scenic areas, industrial areas, city squares, etc. Main components of the system include photovoltaic module, integrated solar controller, lithium battery, LED light and integrated street light mold. It is the latest solution that integrates the street light with infrared body sensing technology to solve outdoor lighting problems. The integrated solar street light solves the problems of difficult configuration and installation of traditional solar street lights. The infrared body sensor solves the problem of energy waste generated when the street light works for no one. The matched remote control SR-CU-ALL, using IR transmission technology, allows for direct regulation of various parameters of the integrated solar street light controller, convenient and efficient.

Schematic Diagrams of the Solution:

Features of the solution:

◆  Lithium battery powered sensing controller; Ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate and lithium cobalt oxide batteries are applicable.

◆  3-period load sensing design; Working hours are settable from 0 hour to 15 hours, and power, with or without person, is settable from 0% to 100%.

◆  Pyroelectric infrared body sensing function.

◆  Sensing delay time is settable from 0 to 250 seconds.

◆  Lithium battery automatic activation.

◆  Very low sleep power consumption.

◆  Flexible charging methods, optional in direct charge and PWM charge, which can be switched freely.

◆  Low-temperature charge protection for lithium battery. When ambient temperature is lower than zero, it can stop charging to effectively protect the battery.

◆  Intelligent power mode allows for automatic adjustment of load power according to battery level, maximizing the battery life.

◆  Digital high-precision constant current control ensures the efficiency up to 96%.

◆  The system status record function enables recording of 7-day system status for all-round monitoring of the system.

◆  Wireless remote control.

◆  Over-temperature protection ensures that if it exceeds a certain temperature, the loads will be reduced or turned off.

◆  Reverse battery protection, LED short-circuit protection, open circuit protection, etc. make the system fully protected.

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